El Cielo Restaurant®

Savor the dishes of this exceptional international cuisine restaurant, which offers delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner to suit the taste of our guests.

We have chef services in order to create specialized menus for private events. If you want this service, please order it 12 hours in advance.

Schedule: From 8:00 am to 11:00 pm

Breakfast menu until 12:00 pm

Lunch menu until 6:00 pm

Dinner menu until 11:00 pm

Live Luxury Oaxaca

Catalina Street 102, San Felipe del Agua. Oaxaca, Oaxaca. México
+52 951-52-00-702 / +52 951-52-01-227 / + 52 951-52-00-396
gerencia@hotelcasabonita.com / reservaciones@hotelcasabonita.com

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